About us

DatacenterDynamics has been producing high-quality conference events for over 12 years with established events in 42 key national and regional data center markets globally. Our longevity in this competitive B2B media environment comes down to the fact that we continue to be relevant to IT and data center executives, managers and technical professionals who plan, design, build, provision and operate data center and cloud infrastructures. That’s why 93% of the Global FTSE 100 regularly send their senior key data center executives and influencers to our events around the world. A deeply significant trend has developed in recent years in how the profile of individual delegates from this top tier of data center owners and operators is changing to meet the needs of a modern data center era. A decade ago the largest component came from the data center facilities infrastructure side. They, then, were followed by IT management. And, today -- as IT and the data center are increasingly understood as representing core value to the enterprise -- we see a much broader, more representative mix of professionals from IT, Networks, Facilities, Finance, Line of Business Executive, Corporate Policy and Governance, as business demands and technology capabilities in the time of the Internet of Everything are bashing down the traditional silos.

The decision making trend

This change and expansion of the profile is a factor of what we’re calling Converged Decision Making, where: Everything is interconnected and inseparably interdependent. Every decision has a rippling and cascading impact. Every challenge requires greater speed and agility. Where, for instance, your network technology choices will likely influence how and where you will build your next data center, or whether you will even need or want to. Today, all large purchasing decisions for the data center require the planning participation and the buy in of an ecosystem of stakeholders – often arranged into global enterprise-level workgroups. This breaks the traditional marketing mold of targeting specific job titles (e.g. the CIO) and disciplines (e.g. Network Management). Traditional sales prospect qualification and targeting has been disintermediated. And every company now selling into the data center marketplace has seen the evidence of this evolution.

The new buyer ecosystem

While the market continues expanding and the opportunities for sales into the market continue to grow, the buying center for data center products and services has become increasingly complex and opaque. As corporate islands of specialist knowledge (residing in a few powerful individuals) have given way to businesses that are much flatter and more conversant with IT, issues like improving energy efficiency (including eco-sustainability), improving availability and resiliency, or managing security and risk now cut through the technology stack – in essence from business-to-byte-to-brick- and need multiple perspectives in order to be most effective. (See Fig. 1) And the rise and ubiquity of the cloud (in all its permutations) changes everything for everybody. In response to this profoundly exciting dynamic, we have evolved a new program structure and delegate development approach for all conferences, worldwide, creating Track themes that present these different perspectives and drive collaboration.